Our Start

3DIMO was inspired by a 9 year old's dream job written on a vision board in 1998; of working in football. 20 years later (in 2018) the company was founded by Nneile Nkholise and her goal then was to enhance athletes and coaches' experience of football reducing the pain of injuries and increasing the joy of great performance.

Our Impact

The number of elite athletes supported with guiding their customized performance optimization, thus reducing their injury risk probability by 35% and contributing to increased well-being of sport athletes. The support provided to football clubs by reducing their revenue loss due to injuries. Also helping football federations with scientific research and valuable data that guides areas of financial and performance growth; this resulting in unlocking partnership opportunities between football clubs and academic institutions, to deliver unique educational programs in football. Ultimately leading to increased performance support for sport talent, growth in football competitiveness and growth in football business in developing countries in Africa

Our Team



Tel: +27 60 437 1521

7 Market-up, 21 van Beek str

New Doornfontein, 2094

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